10 Pitch Deck Templates to Download

Oz Hassin
4 min readDec 6, 2021


Building a great pitch deck usually starts with finding the right template. Searching for a template that you can actually play with will take you down a rabbit hole of presentations, with ugly templates and endless subscriptions. To save you time, we’ve gathered 10 templates, 4 free plus 6 paid for you to play with.

In addition to the templates, the start of any pitch deck needs to be clean and neat. Flashpoint VC gives you a template like that to play with, so if you don’t find the right template, or if you need a more tailored or stylish deck, you can start with this template and upgrade it later on.

If you want to get some inspiration, check out the 17 Investor Presentations Ideas article we’ve published on Medium.

If you are looking for tips from a leading VC on how to write the perfect pitch deck, we recommend you read our article: Flashpoint’s Perfect Pitch Deck

Looking for a specific company’s deck? Click on over!

  1. Flashpoint’s template
  2. CANVA (RED)
  3. CANVA (2)

10 pitch deck templates to download

Most of these sites have more than one template, but you can explore these websites for any that you like more.

  1. Our own modest addition to the list, Flashpoint’s template for entrepreneurs.

2. The template by Canva is not always the easiest platform but it has a variety of templates for free.

3. Another Canva template you can use, it’s minimalistic & clean.

4. Slidecarnival is an intensive website to find slides & templates, with free options & easy to download PowerPoints.

5. Simple, clean and elegant. Cost from $16 and has many more templates for you to customize.

6. Slide members: most of the templates require you to upgrade, $10 a day or $13 a week, and then just choose the template you want.

7. At Slidebean you need to upgrade for exporting to PPT, but the website has great templates to play with.

8. At BaseTemplates you will need to pay $50 for a project (ready template), or you can be fancy with a custom pitch deck for $49 a slide.

9.Beautiful.ai is another platform like Canva, with editing on the platform and many options.

10. Startup-x Easy to use and edit for your needs. Consider it a great option for the beginners in the crowd.

Hopefully, we have given you the right tools to start creating your own pitch deck and the templates will help you throughout that stage.

Building your pitch deck is a continuous process that you will do as the start-up grows, each time adding new numbers or tutorials. Having a good template is an asset that will save you a lot of time in your journey.

Again, Flashpoint has more tips for your pitch, if it’s how to write the Perfect Pitch or Investor Presentations Ideas, check us out.



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